My monkey gallery

Public animations & workshops around a discipline, a practice, a tool

At home or with us, beginner or advanced, for adults and children, My monkey can assist you in your art education and animation projects. Bespoke workshops, initiation to design and graphic arts disciplines, discovery of a process... The association's team is multidisciplinary and covers a wide spectrum of creation (graphic design, illustration, photography, architecture...), it is enthusiastic about sharing its knowledge and know-how. During the season, workshops are also offered with the artists programmed in the gallery.

The association is equipped with specific materials that can be the starting point of discovery or practice workshops. For example, a Riso printer allows us to focus on publishing projects and the production of books, flyers and posters in small series. The photo studio is also equipped to deal with topics like shooting, framing and the technical aspects of the discipline.

Some past projects

Faire une édition sans ordinateur
— All audiences
Using a duplicator and multilayer printing, create a thematic edition by collage, assembly...

— All audiences
Have your portrait shot and printed in risography to learn about this printing technique.

Crée ton jeu vidéo avec Captain Lee
— Workshop for kids
With the collective Martian's Parlor in the context of the Science Fiction exhibition.
Children are invited to create their own video game with an A4 sheet of paper and a few markers. Draw your characters, your scenery, design your level, choose your music, sign and go! Using a scanner, digitalize your creation and drag the file into the application to discover and play your video game art. And if you want to go further, find out what's going on behind the software and hack your game with the captain's documentation! This workshop offers a creative experience around digital tools, as well as an initiation to game design issues. It was imagined and developed by the artist Colin Thil as part of the residency Expérimenter & transmettre at La Villette Makerz.

— Workshop for all audiences
With the duo PPAF, in partnership with Le Signe, Centre National du Graphisme de Chaumont.
These workshops propose to mix sound and graphic experiences. Punched cards are made, then played with a musical instrument called componium, thus creating typographic melodies.

Typo acoustique 
— Workshop for all audiences
With the duo PPAF, in partnership with Le Signe, Centre National du Graphisme de Chaumont.
Typo acoustique is a device where acoustic figures and modular typography meet to invent a new alphabet each time. By vibrating sand on a metal plate with different utensils, it is possible to materialize curved or linear forms that evoke the full and untied of typography.

— Workshop for all audiences
Creative workshops conducted in collaboration with the association Spraylab.
A series of creative workshops around various disciplines (silk-screening, graffiti, photography, video, publishing...) allowed the co-construction of a fictitious ethnographic story with an appropriation of the urban space.

— Student workshop
Creative workshops led by the artist duo Première pression à froid (PPAF) with several art school students (ESAL Épinal, ENSAD Nancy and Lycée Loritz).
These exchanges allowed the creation of modular drawing tools as well as a series of figurative and abstract experiments intended to test the limits that exist between letter, figure and ornament. The dual dimension of writing is presented here through the streamlining of its forms.

— Student workshop
As part of the Startem prize.
Creation of an event.

Monkey Business 
— Workshop for kids.
Les Silos, Direction du Graphisme, Chaumont
Creation of a webradio.

From Chaumont to Chaumont 
— Student workshop
As part of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont.
How to fit a whole festival in a simple parcel to make it coexist in several cities simultaneously?

— Workshop for all audiences
Realized within the framework of the Professional Days of the Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Lorraine, site of Metz, led with Broleskine and the Tontons racleurs.
Producing a book in 48 hours, from the idea to the sale, through the editorial and production stages. Discovery of the book industry (printing, binding, editing...).