My monkey gallery

My monkey has a shared workspace accessible to occasional or regular users. In nearly 180 m², the place gathers material and immaterial resources to generate creative synergies: an exhibition space, desktop tools, an office, a workshop, a small photo studio, a printshop and a courtyard.

The workspace © Damien Raymond


• riso printer with 8 drums
• cutting plotter for vinyl and paper
• shaping: folding machine, cutter, spiral binding machine, hand stapler, saddle stapler...
• samples, color charts

Photo studio

• photo tripod
• copy stand
• remote studio flash with softboxes and umbrella
• cobra flash
• calibrated continuous lighting
• a negative scanner and a camera can also be made available


• wifi connexion
• A3 scan
• etc.


• hand tools
• electric tools (jigsaw, circular saw, plunge saw, mitre saw, drill, sander, router...)
• pneumatic tools (compressor, nailer and stapler...)

Printshop © Damien Raymond

3 "nomad" options to choose from

• Ouistiti:
9 € / day
• Macaque:
40 € / week
• Gorille:
160 € / month

There is no time commitment for the nomad options.

Specific rates

• Photo studio:
20 € / day

30 € / day

Philosophy, use of place

The workspace and the association operate on the basis of mutual respect, trust and volunteerism.


The space is open to the public and nomad residents Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, excluding holidays. Workstations are accessible in order of arrival or reservation. Only permanent residents have a workstation that is accessible 24 hours a day.

Conditions to be a resident

The shared workspace is open to freelancers and creatives (illustrators, artists, designers, photographers, graphic artists, developers...) as well as to art, design and media professionals (journalists, art directors, curators, other cultural or communication professionals...).

More information

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